Welding Beds

All of our Custom Welding Beds are priced in RAW METAL!!! Beds are deburred, welds are grinded and sanded and bed is ready for sandblasting! Base Pricing also includes LED Lighting and Installation!! Sandblasting, Primer, and Paintouts are available options.

Our Custom Welding Beds come standard with 4 Lead Well Cutouts, Oxygen Bottle Rack, 2 Acetylene Bottle Holes, Welder Recess, Rod Box, and 2 Rear Toolboxes (Rectangular Squared off Style) !! Many options are available as well!!

Base Pricing For Custom Welding Beds:

South Texas Style --- $6,500
(Straight Sidewalls w/ Square Tubing around the bottom of the bed. Toolbox sides are flush with the outside of the bed.)
Central Texas Style --- $7,000
(Same as the South Texas Style with the addition of the rear toolboxes being inset from the sides.)
North Texas Style --- $7,500
(Sidewalls are rolled to match the contour of the cab. 3" Pipe is standard around the bottom of the bed.)

Available Options:
1/4 Round Pipe Toolboxes Upgrade on Rear Toolboxes $500.00
Hoosier Pole $275.00
Locking Lead Well Lids with Compression Latch (each) $60.00 each
Jack Stand Box (Sits in between rear toolboxes) $250.00
Round Rod on top of Oxygen Bottle Rack $50.00
Ice Chest Holder on top of Oxygen Bottle Rack $50.00
Water Cooler Holder on top of Oxygen Bottle Rack $50.00
B&W Gooseneck Ball $250.00
Dividers in Rear Toolboxes (each) $80.00 each
Stinger Arm Holders (set into tubing in lead well)(each) $60.00 each
Umbrella Holders, Pipe in Bed Only (each) $35.00 each
Umbrella Holder Inserts, Gies Into Pipes (each) $50.00
Angle Iron inset into rear of bed $200.00
Electric Latches on Rear Toolboxes w/ Key Fob $525.00
Wilton 6" Vise $250.00
Pipe Fenders $800.00
Receiver Tube inset in Rear Tailboard of Bed for Accessories (each) $45.00 each
20 1/2" Tall Jack Stand Rod Mounts (each) $18.50 each
Side Door for Acetylene Bottle Access $225.00
Stainless Steel Trim Rings for Oval Lights in Rear (each) $10.00 each
Stainless Steel Doors (Price Varies depending on Size and Style) Starting at $700.00 each
Tidweld Oxygen/Acetylene Hose reel with 150' hose $725.00
Tidweld Stinger Reel (No Cable) $650.00
Tidweld Rheostat Reel with Cord (Lincoln 250) (3 Conductor) $795.00
Tidweld Rheostat Reel with Cord (Lincoln 300) (4 Conductor) $975.00
Remove Existing Backup Sensors and Install in Bed $135.00
Remove Existing Backup Camera and Install in Bed $135.00
Sandblast Bed $275.00
Undercoat Bed $150.00
Primer Bed $350.00
Paint Prep (Only applies if painting whole bed w/o Reflex) $200.00
Paint Bed One Color (Single Stage Paint-Non Metallic or Pearl) $750.00
Paint Bed One Color (Base Coat Clear Coat-Metallic or Pearl) $1200.00
Reflex Bedliner on Topside of Bed $500.00
Reflex Bedliner on Fenders and Running Boards $250.00
Saturday Install (MUST BE PREARRANGED) $200.00
Sunday or Holiday Weekend Install (MUST BE PREARRANGED) $400.00

******Full Payment of Bed by Credit Card will incur a 3% surcharge*****

*****IMPORTANT*****Fuel Filler Neck and Cap MANDATORY for all Bob King's Truck Beds Installed on 2014 and Newer Dodge and Ford Dually Trucks!! Cost is $100.